Thanks for your interest in Diamond Diva Designs. How this all started!!

I have always loved beautiful jewelry, and as a child remember playing dress up with my mothers Rhinestone jewelry during the 1950's. I loved collecting the stones that might have fallen out of a piece, in little container, and pretending they were secret treasure. As I got older, I loved receiving nice pieces of jewelry from my husband, and I have always been a avid window shopper. I have an impossible time passing a jewelry store without stopping to look at all the beautiful things. 

A number of years ago, I discovered the world of internet shopping, and especially Ebay. I became an avid "window" shopper and found I could have all those gorgeous items right on my computer screen ( and sometimes in my mailbox ). I had joined Red Hat Society about the same time, and found new "sisters" to have the same passion for Bling as I did. Unfortunately most everyone is on a budget, and can't afford the real thing, so I stated off buying a small quantity of jewelry from wholesalers, the offered it to the Red Hat groups around my area.  I went to a number of Red Hat gatherings in my area. I would set up a little display and the ladies went wild. They loved the items I had picked out. It grew quickly since the more they raved the more I wanted to supply them with these beautiful fun items, Of course it meant more shopping!!! So what more could you ask for??...

I had wanted to do an Online store for years but didn't really have any idea of what I could sell that was of interest to lots of people and that I really loved too.  Well in the fall of 2005 I decided I'd try my luck with Ebay and see  if I could actually start my own business. Just something to keep me busy in retirement, something I could do between my Red Hat events, and traveling with my husband and his new motorcycle business. After 5 months of Ebay experience, and venturing out to Red Hat conventions and selling there, I decided it was time to have an actual online store of my own. 

I now have a manufacturer that I work with directly to be able to design and make items you won't find anywhere else, and at affordable prices. I am slso bless that they are able to do all of the title and word pins that the red ha ladies need, so carry every pin you would possibly want and then some. I add more all the time and do take suggestions on new words. They also are able to produce CUSTOM RHINESTONE WORD AND NAME PINS for me and we make hundreds of those every month.  With all of that I hired my best friend, who was also newly retired, to travel with me and help me daily to keep things organized and running as smoothly as 2 "red hat ladies" can possibly be. She is my shipping and receiving department... and we now travel to many Red Hat Events and are one of the Hat District Vendors at the International Red Hat Society conventions yearly and also became Licensed partners with RHS several years ago.

Since the start of my business, my husband pass suddenly in Dec of 2009. I am so thankful that I found Red Hat Society and thus started this business. It has kept me focused and busy when  I went through the hardest first year of widowhood. It has also brought me a nation of "sister friends" who helped me get through this, with their wisdon, experience and friendship. We have laughed and cried together, and I am truly blessed to RHS for changing my life, and being there in a way that I would never have imagined when I started selling Bling! 

I hope you will like the items I have designed and come back often to visit. I add new treasures all the time, so my items will change and be added to frequently. Enjoy Playing Dress UP!! 

You can contact us at: [email protected] or by phone at (706)*346*1688. Like us on Facebook also!